About RCDI

RUC Chinese Development Index(RCDI) have been published since 2007 by Renmin University. Since the foundation of the new China, especially during the twenty years of Reform and Opening, China has attained great development in the economy and has become a focal point of worldwide amazement. In 2006, the GDP of China surpassed twenty trillion yuan. According to the exchange rate, the general quantity of China’s economy has been ranked third in the world, only is less than U.S and Japan, and the same as Germany. With the improvement of the economy, the standard of living has been rapidly elevated, and a deep and historic change is taking place in Chinese society. “Development” has become the theme of the times, and pursuing development and realizing modernization has become the great goal for which all of people and all levels of government strive. RCDI is a scientific measurement index system and statistical index, as well as measurement and evaluation of China’s geographic disparity in economic development.

RCDI utilizes the mind of HDI of UNDP, taking necessary improvement to methods of creating HDI and index system with Chinese characteristics in order to comprehensively measure and evaluate the development level of human society and difference of provincial administrative regions, provide active supports for scientifically making macro policyes for social and economic development, promote the sustainable development of society and economy in Chinese country’s regions, and build harmonious society.

RCDI is composed of four single indexes, fifteen variables. They are:

(1) Health index

- Life expectancy rate

- Infant mortality rate

- Number of hospital beds per 10000 people

(2) Educational index

- Oncluding adult illiteracy rate

- Proportion of people with education attainments above college

(3) Living level index

- Annual per capita net income of rural residents

- Per capita GDP

- Annual per capita consumption expenditure ratio of urban households to rural households

- Engle coefficient of urban households

(4) Social environment index

- Registered unemployment rate in urban areas

- Share of the three industries to the increase of GDP

- Per capita area of paved roads

- Per capita floor space of residential building in urban areas

- Days of air quality equal to or above grade II in major cities (for short API of major cities)

- Per capita investment in the treatment of environmental pollution