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2009 Annual Survey of the Behavior Civilization index of Beijing Citizen Completes

NSRC was commissioned to have accomplished 2009 survey work on “Civilized Index of Beijing Citizens’ Public Action” by office of Capital spiritual civilization construction committee and is processing the data and writing analytical report.

Professor Lianxiang Sha is in charge of this project which started in 2005, has a survey each year and this time is the fifth one. This project designed “Civilized Index of Citizens’ Public Action” that includes five first-grade indicators which are sanitation, public order, public relationship, public view and admire and public participation and thirty seven second-grade indicators. By random sampling, 10,000 Beijing citizens and 1,000 people who are not from Beijing but live in Beijing to answer the questionnaires. Meanwhile, spot observation of passengers and vehicles are made at 300 main public places which lies in central streets, major districts, station etc.. Based on the survey and spot observation, the research group work out civilized index of public action and release it at the end of the year. Since the implementation of the project, it has gained social recognitions and got the fully confirmation from Changchun Li, Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China.

From the previous four survey outcomes, the civilized index of Beijing citizens’ public action has been steadily improved year by year. To 2008, the index reached to the highest level. After the Olympic Games, in 2009, whether the civilized index will keep the upward trend or degrade to some level is still a doubt. So all aspects of society are looking forward to the final release of the analytical outcome on the data.