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NSRC Held Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) International Symposium

For summarizing experience about the first phase(2003-2008) of Chinese General Social Survey(CGSS) and fully discussing the direction of its second phase’s development, National Survey Research Center (NSRC) at Renmin University of China convened the international symposium on CGSS which invited world distinguished specialists and scholars on social survey and research methodology for seeking their opinions and suggestions. The symposium was held in the meeting room of Renmin University of China on the morning of May, 17th 2009. Professor Lulu Li and Yanjie Bian presided over the meeting who are the principals of CGSS and the principle membership attended it. The invited international experts are:

Professor Robert Wills from University of Michigan USA;

Professor Yu Xie from University of Michigan USA;

Professor Harry Ganzeboom from University of Amsterdam Holland;

Professor Guang Guo from University of North Carolina USA;

Professor Lingxin Hao from Johns Hopkins University USA;

Professor Zuotengjialun from Tohoku University Japan;

Professor Shanguo Huang from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;

Professor Liyun Zhang from Taiwan’s Academia Sinica ;

Professor Jean Yeung from National University of Singapore;

Vice-principal of Renmin University of China, Wei Yuan, also the director of NSRC was present at the meeting and fully attended to the opinions from experts.

Experts fully affirmed the performance of the first stage of CGSS, by intensively discussing, and gave suggestions on the second phase of CGSS in the following aspects.

1.Regarding sampling, is it reasonable that PSU was divided into five strata in the sampling design of the first phase? If we want to adjust it, there are two schemes: one is to combine the stratum of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai and that of provincial capitals into one stratum, classifying PSU into 4 strata; and the other is to cancel the above two strata — strata of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai and provincial capitals, only keeping three strata: east, midland and west.

2.About design of the sample, the number of PSU can be deduced and increase the amount of sampling unit which are under community level sampling unit, which are for multilevel analysis.

3.Another suggestion is to select some of the samples to do follow-up survey to establish a panel.

4.In order to fully reflect the tendency of social changes, central modules of CGSS should be amended and extended further.

5.With regard to survey methods, new investigation methods are supposed to be introduced, like CAPI.

6.CGSS should do further researches on how to improve the response rate.

7.With reference to project implementation, experts made proposals that CGSS need to strengthen organizations, ensure participants are professional and exempt some members of CGSS from teaching task they are responsible for.