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Chinese General Social Survey Report (2003-2008) IS Officially Published

As a summary to CGSS wave I, Chinese General Social Survey Report (2003-2008) is published by Chinese Society Press. The content of book is as follows:

Chapter One Overview of Chinese General Social Survey

Section One Origin and Overview of the Project

Section Two Sampling Design

Section Three Implementation and Quality Monitoring

Chapter Two Education

Section One Educational Condition

Section Two Educational Experience

Section Three Education and Social Stratification

Chapter Three Employment

Section One Working Condition

Section Two First Job Status

Section Three Working Income and Insurance

Chapter Four Marriage and Family

Section One Attitude of Choosing One’s Spouse and Marital Status

Section Two Family Relationships

Section Three Family Economic Conditions

Chapter Five Social Network

Section One Different Dimension Social Network

Section Two Various Effects of Social Network

Chapter Six Health and Psychology

Section One Self-evaluation of Health

Section Two Social Psychology

Section Three Self Cognition

Section Four Well-being

Chapter Seven Political Participation

Section One Democratic Concept and Voting Behavior

Section Two Participation of Party and Social Organizations

Section Three Political Participation, Protecting the Rights and Interests of Citizens and Collective Behavior

Chapter Eight Country Life and New Country Construction

Section One General Situation of Village

Section Two Basic Conditions on Village Cadres

Section Three Political and Economic Life in Rural Society

Section Four Rural Governance and New Country Construction