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East Asian Social Survey (EASS) Annual Working Meeting Held By NSRC

EASS(East Asian Social Survey) 2009 work conference was held on May 26th to 28th at Renmin University of China. This is EASS first conference that was convened in Chinese mainland.

The main content of the conference included:

As chairman on duty of this conference, JGSS(Japanese General Social Survey) reported the work progress since the last work conference held in Seoul.

EASS data center reported the construction of network station and data archive about EASS, and the development of data release.

Every member units reported their data processing work about 2008 “Globalization” module and their preparation work on 2010 “Health” module.

JGSS submitted the outcome of pilot study on the first draft of 2010 “Health” module to the member units for reference.

The first draft of 2010 “Health” module was intensively discussed in the conference, based on which the second draft was formed.

The conference arranged pilot studies on the second draft of 2010 “Health” module that each member units will do later.

CGSS(Chinese General Social Survey) was elected as the chairman on duty of the next conference and confirmed the ideal candidate as secretary general.

The member agreed upon an agenda for 2009 working conference in Taipei.