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RUC Chinese Development Index (RCDI) 2008 Annual Index Is Released

On the afternoon of December 23th, 2008, Chinese Survey and Assessment Center released 2008 RCDI at Renmin University of China. Principal of Renmin University of China, Baocheng Ji, attended to address the release conference. Deputy vice-principal of Renmin University of China, Wei Yuan, presided the release conference. Experts–deputy chief of National Bureau of Statistics, Xianchun Xu, director of the Comprehensive Bureau of Research Office of the State Council, Wenling Chen, Principal of Central University of Finance and Economics, Guangqian Wang, deputy head of Institute of Finance and Trade Economy of China Academy of Social Science, Peiyong Gaol etc. attended the conference . Attendees also included persons in charge of functional departments, like scientific research department and propaganda department, and journalists from Xinhua news agency, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China Youth Daily, Scientific Times, Wen Wei Po, Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing Times, Beijing News, China Educational Television. Sina broadcasted the conference live on the Internet.

China Development Index is the outcome of multi-knowledge crossed research at Renmin University of China and has been published regularly each year since 2007. The index has become an important achievement to reflect social and economic development degree of provinces in China, has significance on scientifically evaluating our country’s social economic developmental level and regional differences and making macro policies on regional development.