National Survey Research Center at Renmin University of China (NSRC) is a cross-school, interdisciplinary scientific research institute directly under Renmin University of China . NSRC’s objectives are scientific, systematic and comprehensive collecting, archiving, and mining social and economic survey data in China mainland, researching and developing survey methods and related technology, committing large-scale research projects with great scientific and practical significance, providing empirical data support for scientific research and to governmental decision-making.

Based on powerful strength in Humanistic and Social Sciences of on Renmin University, NSRC integrates advantages of various disciplines, holds high level capability and experience of large scale survey and research projects implementation, project design, sample design, data analysis, mathematical modeling, index system construction, policy evaluation, data mining, database development, related software.

NSRC is currently undertaken the following large-scale projects:

Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS)

Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) is the first national, comprehensive, continuous large-scale social survey project in China. CGSS started from 2003 ,yearly fields in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, 125 counties (districts), 500 street (township), 1000 (village) communities, 10000 individuals in households. Through regular, systematic collection of the Chinese individual and social data, CGSS seeks to summarize the long-term trends of social change, explore the social issues with great theoretical and practical significance , promote the openness of the Chinese social science research, provide data to international comparative study.

RUC Chinese Development Index (RCDI)

RCDI is the achievement of interdisciplinary collaboration of Renmin Uniersity. RCDI is composed by health, education, living standards and social environment, four sub-indices and fifteen statistical indicators. RCDI is annually released since 2007, has become a reflection of Chinese provincial-level in the comprehensive development of economy and society. It plays an important role in scientific evaluating of Chinese socio-economic development level and regional differences, making macroscopic regional economic development policies. RCDI has been adopted by various government departments as the reference to government decision-making and policy formulation.

Chinese Humanistic and Social Science Data Archive

Relying the large amount of economic and social survey projects, NSRC set up the survey data archive, cleaning and archiving a large amount of Chinese economic and social survey data, service to scientific research institutions, government departments and related organizations. Chinese Humanistic and Social Science Data Archive is the first large-scale survey data archive build in accordance with advanced international standards technologies. It is the node archive of the International Social Survey Collaboration (ISSP) survey database and the East Asia Social Survey (EASS) database. The users of the archive are already beyond 10 thousand, including major domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and government agencies and enterprises and institutions. It has been treated as one of the most important source of data to commit quantitative research on Chinese society .